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Trust the process

I have been working on my shadow art quilt these last couple of weeks. I was in flow, painting the silk organza with InkTense blocks and loving the patterns I got when I held it up to the light.

Then I froze. It needed 'more' but I couldn't put my finger on what.

What came next was days of mulling, hating it, loving it, not wanting to finish, until a flash of inspiration hit me. Gold thread.

I have since couched a circle of gold thread to the organza and I love it, but again it needs 'more'.

I've often struggled with my 'less is more' approach to my art, favouring the minimalist over the maximalist, but I am trying to be objective with this piece and trust the process.

Today the 'more' has been experimenting with silver leaf on organza scraps. Gilding fabric? It's the painterly swoosh I'm after. I love the effect I've got. Gold leaf next.

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