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Each piece is made entirely by hand, combining decorative hand stitching and hand quilting as well as natural dyes and pigments, often with repurposed household linens and clothing. Slow textiles at their slowest, these techniques and processes allow me to layer deep meaning into my work as a method of storytelling through stitch.

If you are interested in purchasing my work, or want to commission something unique, please enquire:

Desire Lines

Inspired by the paths and tracks etched into the landscape around me, this body of work combines storytelling and hand stitching to create atmospheric pieces of textile art, layered with meaning.

Monochrome textile art piece titled These Paths of Flint and Chalk


Taking inspiration from my own writing and poetry, this series combines hand stitch and repurposed domestic textiles, in response to every day feelings of loss and hope.

hand stitched handwriting on white linen. Ombre thread. Scrawling writing

Garlick Lane

A body of work inspired by the colours and stories of Garlick Lane, and the wider British Countryside. This project was supported by DYCP funding from Arts Council England (2022-23).

Textile art vessel titled Time Echoes Deep

Recent work

A selection of my recent quilts and textile art.

Art Quilt, back ground with white and grey dots that create a bokeh effect. Titled Chasing The Light.

Archive gallery

A selection of quilts and textile art pieces.

Art Quilt titled The Seekers. 3rd place for Handwork at QuiltCon 2022, based on Heidi Parkes Vignettes Quilt prompts
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