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Anthology: a grieving process

The Rain Reminded Me

25cm x 25cm

Vintage silk handkerchief, cotton embroidery thread

The second in my Anthology series, this small piece is my first step onto a path exploring the loss of my father in 2019. It's taken this long to process his passing (and to be honest, I'm still not quite there), but I have started to write small poems, reflecting on my own emotions over the last few years.

The idea for this piece came about after I found this vintage, silk handkerchief in a charity shop. It was so delicate, and I wondered about who might have used it in the past to dab away a tear.

Crying is strange - I'm generally classed as a 'crier' among family and friends (films, books, even TV adverts!). There is the polite 'tears in eyes', and the wild sobbing that can spring up from deep within. Sometimes it's a reflection of outside influences, sometimes a deeply personal erruption of emotions. All are valid, all have their place.

This poem I wrote after a particularly wet dog walk a few months ago. The darkening sky threatened to burst until, half a mile from home, the skies opened. My coat hood had caught on my glasses and created a funnel for the torrential rain to flow down my cheeks... and my body seemed to react almost immediately to the strong sense of grief which bubbled up. I surrendered to it (it's easy to cry in the rain) and by the time I was home, this cathartic process had eased my emotions.

Sky the colour of sealskin

I couldn't remember how

to grieve until the rain,

flowing down my face,

reminded me.

©Samantha Boot 2024

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What a beautiful post Sam. Your observations about the catharsis of crying, the welcoming of the tears and acknowledgement of their function and your hauntingly beautiful poem are all very moving. I have a feeling that this anthology series is going to be wonderful, resonating in so many ways with folks who are processing grief and powerful emotions...

Claire xx

Replying to

Thank you so much Claire, that this might resonate with others is a special thing. 🙏🏻


Debra Kay
Debra Kay
Jun 07

Sam, I lost my brother in 2019. And yes I am still overwhelmed with grief at times, albeit fewer times now. It helps to remember the good times with love and compassion for yourself.

Beautifully done work.

Replying to

Thank you Debra, and for sharing your own experiences. 🙏🏻

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