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Stitching and Dreaming

I have my silk piecing on the go - a gentle task, snipping naturally dyed silk ribbon into to sections and stitching back together. Working with silk is something I haven't done for a very long time and I love the colours of black tea and rosemary, chosen for their connotations of sympathy and remembrance, the way they shine and glow in the soft, winter light.

I love too, how my stitches glide through the silk, without effort - my usually tender fingertips are enjoying the feel of not having to wear a thimble (or three) whilst I sew. A novelty that will change once I start layering this piece together.

This won't be a large quilt, but something small, intimate. I'm drawn to the black velvet I've inherited (inspired by my dear insta friend, @gwen_._edwards ) and the delicate, mending techniques used by textile conservationists: the layering of a fine net or gauze over areas in need of support and reinforcement. I like the metaphor too, as this quilt is becoming a personal exploration of grief.

As I keep stitching these delicate, silk squares, my mind is dreaming into being the next project. Small in scale again, perhaps just 18"x18" when finished, I am considering the fabrics and stitched techniques that have given me comfort since the start of the Pandemic.

My first fabric pull is very much 'of the earth'. A grounding palette of naturally dyed dove, aqua and umber. A pop of hand dyed indigo blue brings it to life and I'm in love. Dreaming and stitching, stitching and dreaming. As the daylight fades, these pieces will come to life.

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