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QuiltCon 2022, Phoenix - 'The Seekers'


Setting my alarm for 2am GMT was definitely worth it when I was able to witness live, my version of the Heidi Parkes ( Vignettes Quilt pattern, 'The Seekers', win 3rd place in the Handwork section in one of the most prestigious quilt shows in the world.

Entirely handstitched, I was able to join Heidi's quilt a long on Instagram last autumn and share in the making process with other 'vignetters' all over the world.

Hand stitching is a slow, mindful process for me, something I enjoy losing myself in at the end of a challenging day at work. This quilt didn't feel like a chore to make, despite working on it for over two months every evening. Instead the mindful action of pulling needle through cloth, and the connection with fellow stitchers, made this a joy. Hopefully this comes through in the stitching!

(Thank you to Carol Paik @capaik670 for taking this photo and allowing me to use it here.)

For those who haven't been able to see the amazing exhibition of quilts this year in Phoenix, here is a transcript of the words I recorded to feature alongside my quilt:

'The Seekers'

Made using the Vignettes Quilt pattern by Heidi Parkes, this is an exploration of the elements and Post Modern principles of art, and my version is entirely hand stitched.

Applique is one of my favourite techniques, and features heavily here. Needle-turned, raw edge and reverse applique are all used. Traditional techniques, such as the English paper pieced hexies and patched 'invisible' mends, showcase precision stitching, whilst the more modern techniques of visible piecing and pleating allow a freedom in my stitching.

Not being constrained by a set size, or type of fabric, I have been able to use a wide selection of materials, some from my stash, others found in my home, and I've been ale to incorporate them just as they are - disregarding my ruler!

The hand quilting adds another dimension - the sweeping arcs, knots and changes in direction allow organic movement, while the choice of lines of alternating blue and yellow threads play against the vignettes as they move across the quilt top.

Hand stitching is a passion of mine, and I hope that seeing my quilt inspires you to pick up needle, thimble and thread, wave goodbye to clock-watching precision and trust the process.

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