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On Garlick Lane

On #GarlickLane I can lose myself in quiet solitude as I walk the mile or so to 'The Puddle' and back. I am aware of my footsteps, the birdsong, the deer and hare that watch me from the field margins, scampering away as I move past them.

As I walk daily here, I notice the seasons change, the plants that appear and disappear as the year turns. I look for abundance - the nettles in spring, the cowparsley in June, the yarrow later in the summer and the oak in autumn.

I also consider my place in the history of Garlick Lane. As I walk, I look at the sky and hills and wonder how they have looked over the millenia. How the they have changed.

Each stitch I have made counts a plant or bird or insect that has been lost. The landscape is impermanent, changing, but it doesn't have to be this fast.

The Impermanence of Time II

17" x 22"


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