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Of Echoes and Traces

Inspired by the stories and landscape of #GarlickLane my latest art quilt 'Of Echoes and Traces' tells of the rich layers of history that surround our village here in Hampshire.

I've always loved the stories of ancient sites and the importance of the circle motif, as well as the myths and legends surrounding the Hare as shapeshifter and trickster, and these layers of history and story are an important part of my process.

Researching the area, I discovered that hurdle makers once were common in our village and the hazel copices made me link the idea of weaving the wool felt ground. I had also researched iron age finds at our local museum and noted the grooveware marks and mended pots, which I could replicate in stitch.

I have been making my own chalk earth pigment and natural dyes to create a #paletteofplace, specific to Garlick Lane and the slow processes of creating these has been integral to the making of the piece.

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