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Hampshire Open Studios

I am proud to be able to exhibit my #GarlickLane work so far at the Broughton Village Artists venue for Hampshire Open Studios (Venue 110), which will be open every day from 10am until 5pm on Monday 29th August.

It's been such fun getting everything ready to exhibit, and a chance to take stock of my growing body of work inspired by Garlick Lane. I am so happy with the #paletteofplace I've created with natural dyes and earth pigments. The colours bring a softness to my work I couldn't achieve with commercial dyes, but also embeds my work in it's place.

I've had some lovely comments from visitors, fascinated with my processes, the tactility of pieces such as the protection amulets and meditation scroll. The scroll is my most recent finish and is a representation of my walks, using stitch, naturally dyed fabrics and rust to tell the story of the lane and the rhythm of my footsteps. It is stitched to and wound around a hazel stick and the act of holding the scroll in one hand, whilst slowly drawing it out with the other is part of the pieces magic.

I am stewarding at the exhibition on Friday 26th August, 10am-1pm but the exhibiton is open until Monday 29th. Do come along if you can - there are works by 40+ artists and makers, and there is coffee and cake available in the cafe next door!

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