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Exhibition Plans

As part of my Arts Council England funding, I will be putting on an exhibition of my #GarlickLane work, locally, and instead of a traditional, 'white cube' exhibition space, I have been looking at alternatives over the last few months. I am delighted to say I have found the perfect spot - a mile from Garlick Lane, but with the history and sense of peace I am looking for.

I took some completed work there at the weekend, to do some recce shots with a very patient and talented photographer friend... and, oh my goodness, my work came alive within the walls of this beautiful, historic church.

We spent a good couple of hours playing with the work and its place within the church, noticing the light, the areas of shadow, how certain pieces worked in certain spots... and talking about the history and stories of the space. Magical.

These are just a couple of my snaps, made using my mobile phone camera, but with my friend's photographer's eye, and her DSLR, I'm really looking forward to sharing more in the coming weeks.

The exhibition is looking like it will take place in August, timing it to fall within the second week of Hampshire Open Studios, but I will be updating you all on finalised dates and times soon. Very excited!

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