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ArtCan Fundraiser

Petrichor, 4" x 6", textile (cotton and silk), April 2023.

I had such fun making this little, stitched postcard for the ArtCan fundraiser From ArtCan With Love, whcih takes place later in the summer.

Measuring just 4" x 6" and stretched & mounted on board, this piece is a celebration of some of my favourite stitches and the colours of the eco-printed cloth.

I worked intuitively, each element, or layer, responding to the one before. The rust marks on the printed fabric worked beautifully with the blue and grey tones of the scraps (eco printed on left, procion dyed and discharge paste printed top right, repurposed scrap of cotton bottom right), and the sttiches I used to secure them spoke to me of rain.

This was the inspiration for the circles, using increasing strands of silk as the circles decreased in size. I then filled the areas that the circles didn't overlap with a rust coloured silk and seed stitch.

The title of this piece is Petrichor, one of my favourite scents, and it will be available later this summer for £40 (inc P&P) as part of the From ArtCan With Love fundraiser. Sign up here for their mailing list so you can be the first to hear when the event goes live.

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