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A Time of Reflection

As we approach the midwinter point here in the Northern hemisphere, my thoughts naturally turn to the year past. A chance to notice successes, finishes, and challenges in my practice.

2021 has had many trials, but overall, on a personal and quilty note, I have a lot to be grateful for. My word of the year has been BRAVE and I have tried to push myself out of my comfort zone as often as I could. And it's been a year of firsts!

That all sounds wonderful, but it's been hard work. I have loved dreaming big and noticing the tiny steps I can take to get a little nearer to my dreams. I have found solace in my stitching, something that I miss if I don't pick up fabric and thread each evening. And that is what drives me. Not the successes or perceived failures, but simply the acton of pulling needle and thread through fabric.

I will be dreaming my winter dreams over the next few weeks and making a wish list of plans for next year. Who knows where it will take me or what I'll achieve, but I will savour every step, and every stitch, along the way.

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