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Exhibition Opening

Updated: Apr 22

I have spent the last few hours setting up my first, solo exhibition of the work from my Arts Council England year. On Garlick Lane showcases all the work produced, plus you can see my sketchbooks and learn about natural dyes and earth pigments which make up my 'Palette of Place'.

To be able to display my work in such a beautiful, historic setting is such an honour. The materials used to build and decorate the church, echo the hues and tones I use in my work so perfectly, I am so excited for you to see it.

Work is for sale, I have cards, copies of my book and small, wearable pieces inspired by Garlick Lane.

Feedback from passers by this afternoon and the Churches Conservation Trust has been wonderful so far.

In addition to my exhibition, the church has some newly researched, historic graffiti adorning it's walls and doorways. I discovered today a link between the circles carved into the walls of the church for protection, and the circles that appear in my own work - it made me happy to know how 'at home' my art is here.

I shall be at St Mary's Church, Ashley from 10am - 4pm on Thursday 24th - Saturday 26th August. Please note there is limited parking, and a couple of steps on a sloped path.

If you're coming a distance, why not stop for some lunch or a cup of tea in Stockbridge which is just up the road. My favourite place to go is Meadow which has lots of tables inside and out, plus the Mylo Art Gallery upstairs! Top Tip for parking in Stockbridge is to park near the top of the high street on the A3057 between the roundabouts, here ... Alternatively, pray to the Parking Gods that you can find something on the high street itself!

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